Новый ратрак SNOWTRAC ST-4 BV206

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23 500 €
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Тип ратрак
Год выпуска 1972
Место расположения Польша Krakow
Дата размещения 24 июн 2020
Autoline ID JY18864
Состояние новый
Цвет красный
Дополнительная информация: Польский
For sale one of the kind Snowtrac ST-4 with serial number 1537 after full renovation in condition better then new.

History of this Snowtrac starts in 1972 when it was produced,later used in Norway where it was purchased in 2017 ,after many years searching unit that would be 100% original ,in good condition and with big front wheel -that is the best option that was produced.Vehicle was mainly used for family winter trips by previos owner -wasnt working as a snowcat or snowgrooming machine.

After buying it I decided to make full renovation so it will look like new or even better.
In my work shop we dismounted vehicle to zero
All metal parts have been sandblasted and galvanized and some painted.
Few metal parts are only galvanized ( not painted) like the tracks conections.
Snowtrac cabin is made of aluminium ,so after dismounting we blasted it with sodium ( sand could make damages to panels)
And then started repairing it with new aluminium panels.Lot of work becouse many panels are rounded and curved.
After that we started assembling all body together on frame with new floor (plywood waterproof).To make everything fit perfect it took many many hours...
After finishing complete body it was sended to the paint shop where it was fully professional painted on original color that snowtrac was painted when it was build in 1972( shades of the red color have been changing throu years while it was manufactured from 1957 to 1981)
All glass windows are original,with serial numbers ,have been only polished .
The sunroof glass is new made of polycarbonate that is tinted.
Interior is made new on new wooden panels ,black material with red stitching like body color .
Engine was rebuilt in the best company in Poland that works only with VW beetle- Snowtrac was originaly equiped with VW bettle engine 1500cm3.
Was added electronic ignition for better performance
Gearbox with the belt stering was rebuild all so.
Ofcourse all bearings ,seals ect are new .
Tracks are new with heavy duty reinforced gum belts

Propably its the most unique Snowtrac for sale on the market in condition better when it was produced
It is fully street legal with documents and plates
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